We are a synthetic polymer chemistry group based in the Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield, UK. Our research is diverse but may be loosely grouped as novel materials for therapeutics and diagnostics.

To achieve this we use a combination of "small molecule" synthesis, modern polymer synthesis, including controlled radical and ring-opening polymerizations, and in vitro and in vivo pre-clinical studies.

Current projects range from embolizing agents and trandermal drug delivery to industrial coatings. Further details can be found on our research pages or individual group member pages.

slide show image 1: 3D render of DNA based micelles in blood slide show image 2: FRET data for the unpacking of DNA micelles slide show image 3: 3D render of temperature responsive particles slide show image 4: Confocal microscopy image of cells treated with fluorescent polymer


  • 07 Dec 2018 » Copngratulations to Kat on passing her PhD viva.
  • 01 Oct 2018 » New starters in the group - MChem project students Elena and James, and new PhD students Josh, Sam, Ellen, Jake and Jon.
  • 01 Oct 2018 » Goodbye and good luck to Kat, who has submitted her thesis and is starting a postdoc position with Prof. Matt Gibson in Warwick
  • 08 Feb 2018 » Tom's paper on self-assembly of statistical copolymers is now out in Macromolecules.
  • 21 Dec 2017 » New paper on alkyl-modified DNA-based delivery systems published in Mol. Pharmaceutics.
  • 01 Nov 2017 » PhD studentship in oxidation-responsive materials available for Sept/Oct. 2018 start.
  • 05 Oct 2017 » Congratulations to Kat on winning a poster prize at the Advanced Materials for Biomedical Applications Conference in Ghent.
  • 03 Oct 2017 » New paper on tuning the transition temperature of thermoresponsive nanoparticles now online in Soft Matter.
  • 23 Sep 2017 » Anna has joined the group as a PhD student, and Elliott, Fiona and Katie are starting their MChem projects. Welcome to the Lab!
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Recent Papers

  • "Self-assembly of amphiphilic statistical copolymers and their aqueous rheological properties", Macromolecules, 2018, 51, 1474-1487. [DOI]
  • "Alkyl-modified oligonucleotides as intercalating vehicles for doxorubicin uptake via albumin binding", Mol. Pharmaceutics, 2018, 15, 437-446. [DOI]
  • "Control of aggregation temperatures in mixed and blended cytocompatible thermoresponsive block co-polymer nanoparticles", Soft Matter, 2017, 13, 7441-7452. [DOI]
  • "The effect of hyperbranched poly(acrylic acid)s on the morphology and size of precipitated nanoscale (fluor)hydroxyapatite.", J. Mater. Chem. B., 2017, 5, 6027-6033. [DOI]
  • "Influence of polymer size on uptake and cytotoxicity of doxorubicin-loaded DNA–PEG conjugates", Bioconjugate Chem., 2016, 27, 1244-1252. [DOI]
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