Introductions and a bit of background

14 Aug 2011 | tags: housekeeping

When starting a new website it seems only polite to start out with some introductions and a bit of background on the reasons it exists. I’m Seb Spain, a research chemist in the field of drug delivery and this is my site. There are several reasons I’ve set this up. Firstly, it’s getting to the point in my career where a bit of exposure can only be good and I wanted somewhere to keep details of my research that doesn’t change if I move jobs. Secondly, I want some where that I can showcase recent research developments (e.g. new publications). Finally, I want somewhere that I can hone my science writing for a lay audience. For more info about me or the site see the about page.

So, what are you going to find here? Hopefully details of my work plus some interesting (!?) commentary on science, pseudoscience and other things that interest me at the time.


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