Some photo forensics

13 Aug 2013 | tags: science

Over at Chemistry-Blog there is an article about some alleged manipulation of images in a couple of papers. Having been sent some dodgy images in the past (a story I can’t really put online but suffice to say they didn’t make it to publication) I thought I’d share a very useful website - FotoForensics. FotoForensics uses a technique called Error Level Analysis that doesn’t confirm image manipulation but accentuates/highlights areas in an image that may have been saved a different number of times to the rest of the image.

I thought I’d run the images posted in the Chemistry-Blog story through this analysis and see what came out, I’ll leave the interpretation to the reader.

Pease Image 0 Pease Image 0 ELA Pease Image 1 Original Pease Image 1 ELA Pease Image 2 Original Pease Image 2 ELA Pease Image 3 Original Pease Image 3 ELA Pease Image 4 Original Pease Image 4 ELA Pease Image 5 Original Pease Image 5 ELA

NB. I do not own copyright on these images but consider this “fair use”.


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